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The Spoolie - Double Ended (Filler & Spoolie)

The Spoolie - Double Ended (Filler & Spoolie)


The Spoolie is a double-ended eyebrow tool that features an angled brush and comb in one.

The Spoolie  is essential  because it flawlessly applies brow pigments, shapes, and combs out fine eyebrow hairs for sleek, natural, and bold looks. Designed for user-friendly and on-the-go application, both straightforward ends are made of high-quality materials for a flawless finish.

-Use the angled brush head to apply brow pigments.
-Use the comb to polish hairs and blend in brow makeup.
-To cleanse, wash with brush cleaner and lay flat to dry.
-Store the tool on its side.

Price: $9.99