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About Us

Smooth Naturals has been in the hair and skincare business since 2011 and continues to bring you new products and innovations that we’re sure you will love. We started with the idea that even though we are not the only option for skin and hair products, we could be the one that connects with our customers and brings something special to each of them. We believe in creating value that no one else can top. 

We understand that value begins with the product and continues with the service. This is why we are committed to quality above all else. When we began developing our product line, our focus was on creating products that were ethically sourced, never tested on animals, and free of unnecessary fillers and harmful chemicals. We set out to provide health and beauty solutions that our customers could feel good about. 

We found that people really responded to our mission of bringing undiluted ingredients and quality production to the hair and skincare industry. Since its foundation, Smooth Naturals has become a trusted name in natural health and beauty. Our customers love knowing that they are getting the highest quality products from a brand they can trust. As we grow, we strive to continue providing excellent service while expanding to meet our clientele’s changing needs. 

As times change we all have to adapt and grow. When the world was shaken by the Covid-19 crisis, it seemed like everything changed overnight. One thing that didn’t change was our dedication to our customers. We responded by rolling out new products to better serve our wonderful clients. Launching ‘Smooth Naturals Beauty’ we made it easier to get salon style without leaving your home. 

We are pleased to soon  offer both 10-free nail polish for those who love our all-natural products, as well as more traditional gel polish and accessories for those looking to bring the salon home, and of course, our classic hair and skin products aren’t going anywhere.

We are also please to offer apparel specifically Black and White typography t-shirts;  and the original Multi-Language t-shirt(our owner is the original designer of the multi-language t-shirt just in case you didn't know)  

Who doesn't love a great tee..right? 

Thanks for visiting our site and letting us be a part of your health and beauty journey!