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Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits

Meadowfoam Seed Oil Benefits



RETAINS MOISTURE. The unique, high-quality and long-chain fatty acids deep within the oil are ideal for providing moisture without leaving a greasy feeling. They are also the reason why the oil is not absorbed by the hair but instead forms a protective coating around it, in turn helping your hair retain its moisture.

MAKES HAIR SMOOTH & SILK. Meadowfoam repairs damaged tresses by sticking to hair shafts, and reduces frizz while providing a natural shine.

RESISTANT TO OXIDATION. By evading the corrosive actions of oxidation, meadowfoam seed oil will help your hair keep its color for longer. That’s money you can save on hair color treatments!


PROTECTS THE SKIN. As an antioxidant it  protects your skin against cellular damage. Myristic acid contained in the oil is anti-inflammatory and soothes irritated skin

DOESN’T BLOCK PORES. It resembles sebum, the oil secreted by skin, and balances the skin’s natural sebum production, meaning that it’s perfect for keeping your face in that sweet spot between too dry or excessively oily. This allows it to heal acne while being mild enough even for the most sensitive of skins. 

REJUVENATES THE SKIN. With its high vitamin E content, meadowfoam can rejuvenate skin by tackling degradation and allowing beneficial nutrients to enter deep into the epidermis.

With all the good benefits Meadowfoam Seed has to offer of course you know we had to research and formulate👩🏽‍🔬 a few products with it!

Stay tuned......xoxo

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