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The Detangler Brush

The Detangler Brush


The Detangler  Brush is the curly headed highly textured hair dream.  It's the BOSS of all  detangling brushes, the Detangle Brush is excellent for all hair types and can be used by the entire family.

The Detangle Brush flexi-bristles enable  SMOOTH effortless movement, which allows  the brush to move with your hair and not against.  The Detangler brush is a must have for  waves, curls, coils and kinks , this brush prevents hair pulling which in turn prevents breaking  and preventing excess hair loss.  The Detangler Brush will  help gently loosen even the toughest tangles  and knots without breaking the hair

The innovative flexible comb rows are made of  nylon material and are widely spaced which  allow for easy clean up.

Ideal for use while conditioning on wet hair but can also be used on dry hair.